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Pinar del Río treasures the most varied testimonies of aboriginal presence in its picturesque caves and at the same time it displays the prehistoric mural, painted on a hummock slope, where imagination allows the visitor to travel back in time.
Despite being based on its varied and rich nature, Pinar del Río's culture is not limited to offer the splendor of its landscape, but also the benefits that each species reserves to men.
The traveler will not skip visiting Vuelta Abajo to know the land producing the best tobacco leaves. The western Viñales valley, made famous worldwide in the first years of the 20th century thanks to the works of Cuban painter Domingo Ramos, has been named Cultural Landscape of Mankind.
The presence of the Museo de Ciencias Naturales and the Museo Provincial de Historia are symbols of to preoccupation of the inhabitants of the province regarding knowledge and protection of the environment and fondness of their history.
The development of speleology in this zone is greater every time owing to the variety of the territory still seems to keep many secrets to those interested to unveil them.
Intellectual development also steps forward in Pinar del Río: the university and the pedagogical institute contribute to forming professionals.
There is a proliferation of colloquies that gather creators and critics around relevant figures of literature and art. The Dulce María Loynaz forum, devoted to the Cuban poetess, awarded the Cervantes prize, in the pedagogical institute, promotes numberless events.
There is being a progressive development of graphic arts, where landscapist art seems to reflect the environment of creators. All this is testimony of a developing culture.
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